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plus size custom lingerie and clothing

The Curvy Fashionista
Curvy Bosses: Meet the Founders of Bawdy Love Clothing
Brianne Hunstman
Founded by Candace Frank and Gwynedh Van Allan in 2017, Bawdy Love Clothing specializes in lingerie modeled after leather harnesses – without the constraint that leather presents. Read more...

Portland Monthly
Bras! Cheek Chillers! Lacy Robes! Our Fave Lingerie Looks from Unmentionable
Eden Dawn
Then came Bawdy Love. Blasting Peaches’ “Boys Wanna Be Her”(known to many as the energetic Full Frontal with Samantha Bee theme song), electric blue and bits of black leather pounded the runway in baby doll dresses, bra harnesses, and a crowd-screaming finale of a sexy dom with her sub on a leash. Yowza. Read more...

Portland Mercury
Mentioning Unmentionable
Bryce Black
Bawdy Love! Lulled into a trance of bondage straps and body positivity, I felt like I was letting go of my own inhibitions. I especially love the electric blue lace bra under a chest harness in the shape of a pentagram. Read more...

10 Incredible Indie Plus-Size Brands To Support
Laurel Dickman-Volker
Model Alexa Raegun models a Bawdy Love harness bralette in the “Dickinson” model along with matching “Dickinson” bottoms, named for poet Emily Dickinson. Created by designers Candace Frank and Gwynedh Van Allan, this Seattle brand creates kinkwear for all genders and sizes that can be worn as super sexy, fashion-forward accessories. Read more...