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We developed our sizes after making pieces for hundreds of different bodies.  This allowed us to find trends in sizing and fit, leading to sizing that embraces many different shapes and builds.  When looking at our size chart you may find that you can wear more than one Bawdy Love size.  This is because our pieces are extra stretchy, and can typically accommodate a wider range of bodies than most clothing.  For most customers, we recommend going with the size you fall towards the middle of, however if you are the type of person who likes things tight/loose, are expecting serious body fluctuations, or just want to grab the last piece available, any piece who’s size range covers you should work.


    You still have some options.  Most of our pieces are extremely stretchy, allowing you to often fit in the next size down (this is especially true for harnesses).  You can also wait for a Sample Sale, or make a custom order.  Sample Sales happen twice a year and are announced via our newsletter.  These sales include pieces worn by models, unworn returns, and pieces with minor manufacturing defects.  Custom orders open several times a year to our Patreon members, and allow you to order anything from a catalog piece to something new in the fabric of your choice.


      We welcome you to join our Patreon and place a custom order when spots open.  Ordering custom allows you to get anything from a catalog piece to something new in the fabric of your choice.


        Yes! Our pieces are very stretchy, and will continue to fit during weight gains and losses, and body changes. Founders Gwynedh and Candace have worn their pieces during pregnancy and significant weight changes.


          We do! We love collaborating with you on one-of-a-kind pieces. Members of our Patreon get first dibs on our custom spots which open 4-6 times a year, along with lots of other exciting perks.


            Yes, most Bawdy Love pieces make amazing swimwear for fresh water, salt water, and chlorinated water. Although they are fabulous poolside, we advise against wearing lace, cotton, or velvet pieces as swimwear.


              Yes, we advise hand-washing your pieces with lingerie or dye and scent free liquid detergent in cold water, and laying time flat to dry.


                We announce drops on the website, via emails, and on our social media.  The best way to make sure you know what is coming up is by joining our newsletter, and looking for the countdown alarm we post in our stories!

                  WHY DO YOU DO LIVE SALES?

                  Our Live Sales (via Instagram Live) give us an opportunity to show you the pieces live and in action, answer your questions in real time, and have a great time with our amazing customers.  We try to design the Lives to feel just 


                    We announce Live Sales on the website, via emails, and on our social media.  The best way to make sure you know what is coming up is by joining our newsletter, and looking for the countdown alarm we post in our stories!

                      HOW DO I WIN THE PIECE I WANT?

                      Our Live Sales can go pretty fast sometimes!  We stick to a rule that items cannot be called SOLD until after we’ve shown the details, and answered questions from you.  The best way to get the piece of your dreams is to be ready with your questions, know your size range ahead of time, and have the item description and SOLD typed out in your comment bar, waiting to send.  Be careful to wait until we’ve opened for sold calls before your comment, if you comment before we’ve announced it’s time we will require you to comment again.


                        Pieces sold during lives or directly from the site typically ship within one week of purchase.  Custom pieces are typically completed and sent within 6 weeks at the longest, for more detailed information about timeframes please reach out directly via the messenger or email you used to place your custom order.

                          WHAT SHIPPING CARRIER DO YOU USE?

                          We offer express shipping via USPS Priority Express, which arrives on average in 1-2 days (about a day faster than our regular shipping).

                            DO YOU OFFER EXPRESS SHIPPING?

                            We offer express shipping via USPS Priority Express, which arrives on average in 1-2 days (about a day faster than our regular shipping).

                              DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY?

                              We ship internationally via USPS to your local carrier.  Rates are calculated at check out and based on the weight of your pieces and costs from carriers.  We suggest bundling multiple pieces into one purchase to get the most value for your money. We cannot estimate customs holding times for international shipments.

                              WHAT IS YOUR RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY?

                              • STOCK PIECES: All Bawdy Love stock pieces can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of delivery, less a 20% restocking fee.  We suggest that you always try your pieces over clothing first. Due to the nature of intimate clothing, pieces that have been tried on without undergarments cannot be returned or exchanged.  All returns or exchanges must be approved by email first.
                              • CUSTOM PIECES: We do not allow returns or exchanges of custom pieces, but we do guarantee the fit and quality always.  If you receive your piece and think the fit or quality is off please email us within 14 days of delivery and we’ll make it right.

                                WHAT IF MY PIECE DOESN’T FIT RIGHT?

                                We know the pain of falling in love with a piece only to have it fit terribly.  That’s why we personally guarantee the fit of all Bawdy Love pieces.  If you receive a piece that does not fit as expected we will alter or exchange the piece at no cost to you.  Just email us within 14 days of delivery and let us know about any issues.  Photos are not required, but will help us understand how to best solve the situation.  We’ll collaborate with you to make it right.

                                  WHERE ARE YOUR PIECES MADE?

                                  All our products are proudly made locally in the Seattle/Tacoma area. 

                                    WHY ARE YOUR PRICES HIGHER THAN BIGGER BRANDS?

                                    Larger brands are participating in fast fashion, giving you disposable, cheaply made, and unethically sourced clothes. We believe in sustainable and ethical manufacturing and business practices.  Having pieces made with care at a living wage costs money that fast fashion companies are not spending.  We believe you’ll agree the attention to detail and quality of our products are reflected in the price.

                                      WHAT IF I WANT A PIECE FOR LESS?

                                      Check out our Live Sample Sales, which are announced 2-3 times a year. Pieces are offered at a 20-70% discount.  Sign up for our mailing list to find out more.

                                        WHAT DOES ETHICALLY MADE MEAN?

                                        Fast fashion equals disposable clothing and high waist. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of our business we make pieces locally, use as many recycled materials as possible, and reuse or recycle scrap fabric. Eco-consciousness is sexy.

                                          HOW CAN I MODEL FOR YOU?

                                          We love working with local fat positive models of all genders, expressions, abilities, and ages for in-person shoots.  We prioritize working with BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA individuals.  If that sounds like you please send us an email including your contact details, stats, and modeling examples.  We’ll add you to our list and get back to you if we have a campaign in mind.  Individuals looking for pieces for their own shoots should read “Do you work with influencers?”

                                          DO YOU WORK WITH INFLUENCERS?

                                          Working with influencers is one of our favorite things! We love collaborating with individuals of all genders, expressions, abilities, and ages, and prioritize work with BIPOC and LGBTQIA folx. If that sounds like you, and you’d like to post in our pieces please email us with your contact information and media pack.  Individuals looking for in-person modeling opportunities should read “How can I model for you?”

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