About Bawdy Love

Hey Babes! 

Thanks for checking us out.  We're Gwynedh and Candace, two fat queer cis femmes living and creating in the Seattle area, and we're passionate about you loving yourself, but that's not why we started Bawdy Love.  Way back in the beforetimes of 2016 we just wanted the same sexy lingerie we saw available for smaller bodies, so we used our years of experience in clothing design to make some of our own, and it turned out pretty damn hot.  

Having intimate apparel designed specifically for our body-types, and with a focus on our own pleasure was a revelation that we quickly realized we needed to share with the world.

Throughout this journey we've learned so much about how our customers love their bodies, and really come a long way in loving ours as well.  Fast forward to today and we've made pieces for thousands of amazing human beings, and can't wait to make some for you too.

Gwynedh Van Allan Candace Frank