Winning Your Items in Live Sales

We've transitioned to a live sales model that allows us to bring you super limited edition pieces and sets anywhere in the world.  Previously pieces like these were only available in person at conferences and special events, but thanks to Instagram Live we are now able to show you the pieces on real moving bodies, and answer your questions in real time. Our live sales have been incredibly popular, and limited editions like these GO FAST.  Here are some tips to get yours...

🌠Sign up for our countdown clock via our Instagram stories now! Be ready on time for the very start of the Live.

🌠While you're there, check out the rundown of what's live on the website now. Any purchase before Monday will get your free shipping on your Halloween pieces.

🌠Check out the size chart in our IG highlights ahead of time.  We will have at least one of every piece in every size from a 0 to a 5.

🌠During the sale listen closely for the style and colorway you want. We'll show the pieces and give you all the details before we allow any "SOLD" calls.

🌠Type the piece name, colorway, size, and SOLD, and be ready to quickly hit send when we open for calls. DO NOT POST YOUR COMMENT UNTIL WE OPEN FOR CALLS. Calls before we open will not receive the piece.   

🌠We will announce who won the pieces as we go.  The winner is whoever's call shows up on OUR SCREENS first.

🌠DM us after the sale with your full name, email, mailing address, and what you won.  We will send you an invoice through our secure online store by end of day Monday.

🌠Hate live sales? Watch our stories the following day. If there's anything left we'll post it there.

Can't wait to see you all there!