The Science of Swim

We've got news for you babes! Your Bawdy Love pieces are ready to make an appearance this summer. That's right, most Bawdy Love pieces are great in the bedroom or in the pool.  We test the swim-safe-ness of all our materials, and have worn our own pieces in many a pool, river, creek, and ocean.

Want to know more? Here are the details of our testing processes, answers to questions you may have, and care details to make your Bawdy Love last...

How We Test

  • Submersion testing metals for 48 hour minimum
  • Wear testing designs for fit and shape retention
  • Purchasing high quality UV and chlorine tested fabrics and linings

Swimming FAQ
What types of water are your materials tested in? 
We test all metal components in salt water, fresh water, and chlorinated water for a 48 hour minimum, and only use materials that show no signs of rust or corrosion. Our threads and fabrics are tested in chlorinated water by their manufacturers, and certified swim safe.

How long do Bawdy Love pieces typically last?
To date our longest worn pieces have been in service for 6 years. We often wear a sets from our first mock ups, and have only needed minor repairs.  These pieces have seen salt and chlorine water, 10 hour long days of vending, kink social events (ahem) and more and have remained new looking (in fact if you watch our Live Sales you have seen these pieces before).

Which of your fabrics are swim safe?
All fabrics besides velvets and cottons are swim safe.  We will let you know in the description if a piece is not swim safe.

What tips would you give to wearing Bawdy Love by the pool?
Sunscreen. Otherwise you're in for some unique tan lines. 

Extended Care Instructions
The secrets to keeping your pieces looking newer longer:

  1. Avoid heat: Always wash on cold and air dry.
  2. Keep pieces in shape: Lay pieces flat on a towel in a well ventilated area to dry.
  3. Avoid chemicals: Use cleaners without bleach or other heavy chemicals.  We like Soak or All Free and Clear.