Meet Amanitore

The strength of female energy is not a new idea. For 500 years the Kandakes (the honorific of queen) of Nubia ruled, sometimes as queen regent or queen mother, other times as independent rulers. They lead forces into battle, oversaw rich and lavish courts, and built pyramids still standing in Sudan.

They were also celebrated for their fatness, as symbolized the prosperity of their kingdom, and were thought of as a goddess-like conduit to the spiritual world.

The most famous descendent to this line of warrior queens, Kandake Amanitore, is the namesake for our most popular harness. We designed her to be reminiscent of a crown, or a chain of nobility, and to give you a regal presence. You’ll love the stretchy all-fabric construction, and the smooth 3” back band. The Amanitore Harness is a perfect accessory over a queenly dress for a night out, or with nothing at all for a night in. We still have a few of these babies in stock, so grab yours ASAP.