Lingerie You Wear for You
Most plus-size lingerie is designed to squeeze you into a shape someone else says you have to be. We're not into that. We've designed Bawdy Love to help you feel sexy and powerful in your own skin. Basically, we want you to look in the mirror and think "Fuck yes!" without feeling like you're breaking a rib. That's why every piece we design has just as much comfort as it does va-va-voom.

Bawdy Love pieces are soft and incredibly stretchy, so they move with you while giving support, making them accommodating to.... um... rigorous movement. Think of them like your favorite bralette or cozy bottoms, only mind-blowingly sexy. That means you can wear them all day without pinches or chaffs, if you can keep them on that long. (Hey, we can't help it if you feeling yourself attracts others who want to feel you too).

Soft. Comfortable. Ethically Made. Powerful AF. The whole world could use more Bawdy Love.