Big Moves in 2021

There's not a person on Earth who hasn't had a doozy of a year in 2020.  While distance has proven challenging, it has allowed us to make some big changes for the future, and bring more Bawdy Love to the world.  We're more committed than ever to helping you see how much of a hottie-ottie-ottie you already are, and we're hoping that one thing you've taken away from this copious amount of alone time is that

New Sizing

Getting undressed can be vulnerable; it can be empowering; and can be both and everything in between.  Whatever it is for you, you deserve to wear pieces that make you say, "fuck yeah" while you do it.  We've created a new sizing system based on hundreds of measurements of unique bodies.  Look for new, guaranteed-to-fit sizing for Bawdy Love pieces in 2021.  

New Stock

All Bawdy Love pieces are made locally, ethically, and sustainably, and thanks to our new manufacturing system they're now made faster than ever.  That means more of the bestselling styles you love, more live sales, and more chances to grab those unique pieces you've been dreaming of! 

New Styles

2020 will go down in history as a year of many things, including a year of sweatpants and cozy time. While we appreciate a good day of laying on the couch as much as the next babe, we'd much rather help you get your kink on WHILE you get your cozy on. So we locked ourselves into a room until we designed the coziest pieces you've ever felt your sexiest in.  This new line, which we're calling Cozycore is soft and sumptuous and hot AF.  Perfect for lounging seductively while your quarantine pet brings you a drink and the Switch controller.  Watch for more details in spring.