How to Wash Our Pieces
  1. Choose your favorite lingerie soap (we like fragrance and dye free - but it’s up to you). You only need a capful per wash.

  2. Fill a basin or sink with enough lukewarm water to fully submerge your pieces.

  3. Add in your detergent, and let the items soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

  4. Gently rub any part of the item that is stained or smelly.

  5. Drain the sink and refill it with clean water

  6. Give the lingerie another five minutes to soak.

  7. Gently press to remove extra water (Do not wring them out!)

  8. Place them on a flat surface to dry.

Note: If a lingerie detergent costs more than you want to spend, try making a DIY version using one cup of hot water, one teaspoon of baby shampoo, and one drop of your favorite essential oil.