6 Tips to Creating Your Dream Selfie Shoot

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  With that phrase in mind, why not write the epic poem of your body with an at-home selfie shoot? We know what you might be thinking, seeing yourself from unfamiliar angles can be challenging, but we think you’ll find it empowering with the little help of an expert…

We asked model and fat-activist, @FierceFatFemme for some tips on how they create to-die-for shots from the comfort and seclusion of their home.

  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION “At home photoshoots are 98% of my photoshoots. I like to choose a space that feels good and is vibrant and colorful since that’s pretty much my vibe.”
  2. GET IN THE MOOD “I try to give myself a pep talk before and dance around my room listening to music that makes me feel confident and excited.”
  3. GEAR UP “Try to purchase a clicker so that you can take photos remotely and I always use the 10 second timer on your phone.” You may also want to get a ring light, and a phone tripod.
  4. IT’S A NUMBER GAME “I take more photos than I need in order to go through them later.”
  5. GIVE YOURSELF TIME “My best tip is to not look at photos right after you shoot because that is typically your most critical self. Give yourself some hours or even a couple of days and then return to the photos.”
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY! “Remember: your body is not a problem, a camera can never capture every part of you, including all the complexities that make you, you.”