21 Ways to Say "Bye Bish" to 2020

We don't know about you, but 2020 helped remind us how done tolerating bullshit we really are. We're done tolerating fatphobia, racism, sexism, self-hate, ableism, queer-phobia, misogyny, and trans-phobia. We're down with hate and up with sexy sexy love. That's why we're officially deeming 2021 the YEAR OF GOODBYES. Say "goodbye" to the bullshit with these 21 ways to get on with it...

  1. Get steamy at home with the Bawdy Love NYE Sale
  2. Donate to Black lives and communities of color
  3. Get A Daily Radical Self Love Boost 
  4. Relax with Titnosis (Yep, that's a thing)
  5. Buy a mask for someone in need 
  6. Ring in the New Year with the digital Times Square ball drop
  7. Examine all things fat, sex, pleasure, and bliss 
  8. Get moving via Joyn
  9. Start your business with @bearhebert
  10. Ditch the diet with @theantidietplan
  11. Plan your future 
  12. Get sparkly with bling from @naturestwist
  13. Relish in some #fatjoy at Between the Sheets: A Fatlesque Experience
  14. Get your kink on from the comfort of your home with @thekinkhub
  15. Be an agent of social change with ANTE UP!
  16. Get fat and freaky in a shoot with Shooglet
  17. Grow something beautiful in something beautiful
  18. Perfect your burlesque act 
  19. Get witchy with The Moon Book
  20. Up your self-love game with some vibrating goodness
  21. Build your brand with @queeritco