As you may know Bawdy Love is owned and run by two white fat queer women in the Seattle area who are dedicated to helping every person feel sexy as themselves. While we remain steadfast in our commitment to this goal, the realities of our current world have engaged us in a deeper level of activism that is currently taking most of our focus. In March we founded Crafters Against COVID-19 Seattle, and as of this week we've donated 50,000 homemade and reusable cloth masks in the Seattle area. Candace will be moving forward with this group as a non-profit that specifically serves Black communities, indigenous people, the homeless, and high risk populations. In addition to this, we have welcomed the newest member of the Bawdy Love family, Gwynedh's newest little smoosh, and cannot in good conscience allow any child to grow up in a culture that does not embrace these indelible facts: Black Lives Matter. Housing is a basic human right. Access to PPE during a pandemic is a basic human right. While we will be taking a step back from Bawdy Love for a bit, we will still use our platform and privilege to amplify BIPOC voices.

Thank you and love to you all! Gwynedh and Candace.

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